Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Come Sit a Spell

I'm officially a trash picker. Not ashamed to admit it. Recycling at it's finest. I drove by this bench out for the trash about a month ago. I eyeballed it. I saw the potential. I came home and told Bruce, "I have something I want to trashpick and I need your help." He said yes.

I pick the trash and it leads to a bunch of work for HIM. Oh well, like the girls say, "He doesn't mind. Nope. Not at all!"

So here is the bench from that fateful morning. It was so waterlogged and rotten. The entire back had come off and the wood was just rotting right off the thing. But the metal! Look at that weathered metal....

Bruce bought some nice oak and got to cuttin'. He says it was a little tricky because there were some bevelled angles he had to cut, but he didn't have the right equipment. He got it done, though...and it is FABULOUS!!

So, we've added to the screened in back porch. The porch itself is totally lacking....the floor is gross, there are ants up in the roof that chomp so much wood it's constantly falling on us, and it stays wet most of the time.....stinkin' Florida humidity.

But, this makes it look that much better and someday...in our dream home...this will be perfect!!

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