Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Cornices

Our little dining nook was in need of some TLC. I knew these windows needed some sort of treatment, but I didn't want to block ANY of the virtually non-existant light that we get. Don't get me started on how disappointed I am in the light situation of these Florida houses. I mean it's supposed to be SUNNY FLORIDA and this is the darkest house I've ever lived in!

I decided to make cornices. That way I could make them as narrow as I wanted and also place them as high as possible so that barely any light would be obstructed, but I'd still have a nice little pop of color in this nook.

We bought some cheap wood and I helped husband cut the dimensions we decided upon.

I bought some batting and fabric and basically wrapped and stapled the cornices as you would a present.

Bruce got some L shaped brackets to fasten them to the wall. And here we have it:

I LOVE them. The fabric is a cheery orange pattern and this nook just makes me happy now!

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