Friday, June 4, 2010

Rusty ol' Owls

When we moved into this house, these owls were hanging on the shed in the back yard.

When I stood at my kitchen sink, it was these owls that I would see outside. I really didn't like them. In fact, I almost ripped them down and threw them out on several occasions.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister told me she's obsessed with owls lately. And she admitted to wanting to abscond with these little rusty critters during one of her visits.

My husband had to take them down to repaint the shed. Also, it was my darling sister's birthday coming up........YES! The perfect opportunity to do something with them and pass them on to her.

I spray painted them with a Rustoleum paint called "Hammered". It was supposed to look like hammered metal. I'm not really seeing it, but I think they look nice anyway.

Now they can be perched somewhere in her yard for her to admire always!

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  1. Your sweet sister, the bird LOVER! Or should I say RAPTOR-lover-appreciator! Whoooooooeeee! What a darling thing to do! SHE'S GONNA LOVE 'EM! You're a delight, Miss Beth! I bet you guys are going to laugh your {bottom's} off! Happy Birthday fun to you both!

  2. I do love my owls! Thank YOU darling sister. I have a spot picked out for them- just waiting on the husband to hang 'em!

  3. Very cute! AND you can never go wrong with FREE!! :)


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