Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fancied Up Flip Flops

The idea for these flip flops came from Make it and Love it, except I simplified it.

I bought a couple pairs of cheapy flip flops from Old Navy (I missed $1 Saturday, bummer).

Instead of cutting Velcro and sewing ribbon to cover the whole strap as seen on Make it and Love it, I just wanted to adorn the spot between the toes. So, this eliminated the need for sewing....nice! Just attach a little piece of Velcro.

Gather up your accessories. You can use rosettes made from old t-shirts, ribbon, or fabric. Or, you can take a hideous quilt covered in these bobble thingies ~ which you later find out are called yo yo's ~which you found at a yard sale for $1~that you just knew would be put to good use somewhere.....somehow. Cut off a couple of the yo yo's and you've got an accessory!

Be prepared to see these little babies popping up on future projects

Glue Velcro onto the back of your beauties and you've got cute little interchangeable flip flops!
After discovering the origin of the orange bobbles, I found a tool to make my own. It's a yo yo maker! So, I made the black and white ones and sewed three together for each black flip flop.

The brown rosettes I also got from a yard sale! I have no earthly idea what they were intended for, but I immediately knew they belonged on my flip flops!

Things I learned from this project:

~E 6000 adhesive works pretty well
~Use a Velcro that is strong. Mine said soft and flexible. Made for sewing. I think it's too soft and not sticky enough. Although I've worn these flip flops two days in a row and have not had one fall off.
~Put the harder side of the Velcro onto the flip flop (facing up) so that the softer side is on the pretty facing down and against the skin (it might not even touch, but just in case).


  1. Very cute - and nice blue toe nails too!

  2. FANTASTIC idea. Sasha lives in flipflops and changes her clothes a hundred times a she could change her flipflops a hundred times a day.

    Thanks for the tips too.

  3. WOWEEEE! These are ADORABLE! I don't know what impresses me more - the gorgeous embellies you've created, or the fact that you have flip-flop wearing weather! Either way, my toes are happy for YOURS! hee hee Great job!


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