Thursday, May 13, 2010

Camera Strap Covers

Oh, my aching neck when I have my camera draped over it for any length of time! I've seen a few camera strap cover tutorials floating around blog land, so I set to work. I thought they would be perfect Mother's day gifts for all the "mamarazzi" in my life. I followed this tutorial by Priddy Creations.

Here's mine, and I must say it's fabulous and comfy because it's padded with fusible fleece. This is my favorite shade of green right now.

And here are the others:

Love them! Here's one thing I'll say; these straps seem long enough for my camera, which is a Cannon 30D, but they seem to come up a little short on the Rebel. So, if you have a rebel, maybe go a little longer. Width is fine.

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  1. Simply FABULOUS idea, my dear! You share SUCH fabulous ideas! {I'm thinkin' of adapting this to a guitar strap! Yee HAW!

  2. I love my strap! Thank you- it is sooo comfy!


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