Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tutu Shirts

The other day we were in Target and my sparkely kid spotted a tutu-shirt with fire works. She just KNEW it would be perfect for our trip to Disney World. She pictured herself watching the fireworks show wearing this shirt.

Well, THIS mom knew I had seen a tutu tutorial (haha) and I knew we could make a special one all on our own.

I found the tutorial on Joy's Hope.

I took these two plain shirts.

Sewed on the tutu.

And the kids went to town with fabric paint. You can see the fireworks interpretation :-) My other girl chose to draw a scene....which hurt my brain at first, because I really wanted the fireworks theme, but I let it go :-)

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  1. So hard, to let go, creatively! You did gooooood! These are darling, and your girls will forever thank you for the creative freedom you provide! Fantastic tutu work, sweet gal!


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