Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've been sewing!


I've been inspired by some of the crafty blogs I read to repurpose thrift store finds into something cute and wearable; both for me and my girls. So I came across this tutorial from Sew Much Ado on how to make a kid's ruffled skirt out of an adult shirt.

First stop: thrift store!

There was a special on this day: fill a bag with any clothes for $5. So all of this cost $5!! Six lady's shirts. I used five of them for skirts and the white one served as the ruffles.

Next stop: sewing machine!

Final destination: look at this cuteness!!!

(Note the flower on this one above. It was a bedazzled piece on the chest of the shirt. I cut it out and transferred it as an iron on to the skirt.)

(This one was so stripey and colorful, I thought it needed no ruffles.)

(I LOVED this shirt above and was really hoping I could make it a skirt for me, but alas, my legs are too long.)

(Look at the bruised legs on this girl! Perhaps she shouldn't be wearing skirts at all!)

That wasn't all the sewing I did. Oh no! Stay tuned for cute little jumper dresses I made from men's button down shirts. And also, a ruffled skirt for me!


  1. Beth, these are wonderful skirts. How old is your daughter? My girls are 4 and almost 7. Do you think I'd need a man's tshirt to fit them. The tutorial just says toddler for the womens shirt. Thanks! Love all the colors!

  2. Really cute! Funny, I just clicked on your link from Blue Cricket Design's linky party, and saw that you used my tutorial! Small blogging world I guess :). Thanks for linking up to me!

  3. Love, love, love the ruffles!!! So cute! Great job!


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