Friday, February 26, 2010

St. Patty's Day Banner

Top o' the Marnin' to ya!

It's all about banners, is it not? Honestly, when I first started noticing how many bloggers were making them and posting about them, I really didn't get it. But, now that I have a Valentine's Banner and this Shamrock Banner under my belt, I have to say I'm diggin' them. It's a really cute way to decorate a mantel, or in my case this ledge that separates our living room from dining room.

For these shamrocks, I just cut out the shape from felt. Then, I shrunk the pattern by 20% and cut out the decorative fabric to sew in the middle of it. I shrunk another one down another 20%, so I had varying sizes of felt and decorative fabric. I just top stitched around the decorative fabric (no stuffing or batting this time around as I did with the Valentine's one).

I fully intended on fastening these shamrocks to the ribbon with decorated clothes pins, but they were too heavy and just flopped over. So, I went with safety pins instead.

Edited to add this button. Come see all the other St. Patty's Day ideas at Somewhat Simple!


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