Friday, February 5, 2010

Fibers on Friday: A Hat for ME

Finally! A hat for me! This pattern is called "The Amanda Hat". I'm really liking it and I've been able to learn yet ANOTHER thing about knitting this season: LACE! It's very pretty and pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It took me a little searching the internet to figure out what I was initially doing wrong. For posterity I will tell you (who knows who's interested but I'm always thinking of people who may stumble across this blog and need this info):

Part of the pattern is a YO (yarn over). I thought this was merely bringing the working yarn from the back to the front as if to purl. But in this pattern one actually has to WRAP the yarn around the right needle (from back to front) ending up with the working yarn in the back again as if to knit. Thereby creating an extra stitch in the form of a loop or a wrap. Once I learned that, I was good to go.

This pattern is nice and easy, but I wouldn't recommend using two strands of yarn held together as I'm gets a little too complicated in the lace pattern

BTW, my girls did a few of the stitches! They are very interested in knitting!


  1. I LOOOOVVEE it. Might have to get the pattern from you.

    The yarn you picked is great for you as well.

  2. Oh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, goodness! YOU ARE ADORABLE! And EXTREMELY talented! What did you say here, anyhow? I'm confused! Hee Hee {So not a knitter!} But I can appreciate what I see here and you are mighty talented! Look at all those different patterns and gorgeous thread and YOU! What a lovely and darling one you are... inside and out... with the top open, or closed.. hee hee


  3. Very cool, Chick! Gonna get right to work on one for me!

  4. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that hat! What awesome colors and it really is beautiful! Really think the pattern is awesome! I would buy that hat if I saw it in a store!!!!! You are amazing!

  5. Hi Beth, It's Ruthie. I found your blog via Bonnie's & I really like it. I love your Meatless Monday recipes. I've done three or four of them so far. My family loves the lentil & cheese soup and the cauliflower bake. Having that again tonight actually. I also like to knit & I'm thinking of trying the hat you did for your DH. Your other two, while beautiful, look a bit above my skill level. I've been snowed in & just need to get to the knitting store. Nice to find you again!


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