Friday, March 23, 2012

Fibers on Friday: It's a Blue Bird Day

That's what my Dad always says when it's a nice day, "It's a blue bird day". We have had so many blue bird days here so far. I'm really enjoying this early spring in Florida. We have a ton...a ton!...of very vocal birds in our back yard and it sounds so pretty all the time. In fact, last week Madison was chirping back and forth with one of them and Paige enthusiastically said, "Madison! I can't believe how that bird is responding to you!" So sweet. And it brings to mind a line from a song from the Avett Brothers (who we went to see last week....awesome!)

"She knows which birds are singing.....and the names of the trees where they're the morning...."

So, how perfect that I will be able to share this crocheted blue bird hat with you this week! It is special BEYOND special because it's a gift for my cousin Amy who is expecting a little baby blue bird of her own in a month. You may recall her button on my blog to support her pursuit of adoption? Well, nature took her course, and Amy and her husband are having a baby!

"Nature always gets her way....nature always gets her way......" ~Ani DiFranco

Can I quote any more songs this post?'s a malady of mine, actually.

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