Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've Got Spots

Ahhhhh! Thank you so much for hanging in there, friends!! My life is finally becoming my life again. It has been a hard, hard month. It started on June 22nd when we left all of our friends and family in NJ and took an 8 day camping trek down to Florida where we'll be living for the next three years. We expected to arrive in Florida and within a few days arrange for our furniture to be delivered. Much to our dismay, however, we had to wait 15 days!! So, after living in a camper for 2 weeks, we got to our new house and had to "rough it" for 2 more weeks. Basically we moved everything we were living with in the camper into the house! Needless to say, even with the sunniest outlook for this summer adventure, our patience wore thin...our moods were shot...our expectations were a little let down...and we were SPENT!

But I'm here now! And I'm settling in more and more every day. I mean, look...I've got spots!!

My knitting spot

Even though it's still surrounded by boxes and the room is barely furnished, I can say I have a "knitting spot". This chair has been set up and is perfect for knitting right in front a huge window that gets great afternoon sun. Ooooh, and note the Sonic cup....I sat and sipped on a Cherry Limeade (happy hour!) the other day.....lovely!

My composting spot

Oddly enough one of the hardest parts of not being settled in is the inability to compost! Is that crazy? We've gotten so use to it, that to throw scraps in the trash or down the sink is just not right!! So, I set up this little micro-compost system to use until we get a big one set up. I just drilled holes in these 5 gallon buckets, added soil and leaves from the yard, and it's all set for fruit and veggie scraps. I'm not sure how well it will work, but I'm happy.

My gardening spot

I bought these kiwi plants on our very first trip to Lowes. I don't even have a designated garden spot, but I purchased these on pots, no shovels, no potting soil, no nothing....and I bought kiwi plants! They almost totally croaked while waiting to be transplanted, but I think they'll be ok. I read that they like to be potted for the first year and then set in the ground after that....for now they're in these pots sitting in the middle of my HUGE back yard waiting for other garden surroundings!

So, there you have a look at a few of my new spots. I'm happy to be back and sharing things! Get ready for Fibers on Friday, because I plan on hosting this week!!

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