Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Cube Sun Catcher

This idea was in Family Fun Magazine this month. It was really fun and easy.

~Fill an ice cube tray with water and food coloring. Let freeze.
~Fill a cake pan with water and let it partially freeze (about an hour)
~Put the colored ice cubes into the cake pan.
~Put a cup filled with water into the cake pan to displace water to make a hole for hanging later.
~Let freeze overnight (we were able to leave ours out over night.)
~Pop it all out and hang from a shepherd's hook or a fence or eaves.

It looks so pretty!


  1. Oh, mi GOSH! You are SUCH a gas! I love it!


    You are SUPERWOMAN of fun mommies! Yipeee!

  2. cool! Pity it wouldn't last long where we live, not a snowy winter country where we are. But very pretty!

  3. I bet that looked really cool when the light caught it! how creative. It would last for weeks on end here!

  4. Hmmm...might have to try this! Super cute, Beth!


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