Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peaches! Get your fresh peaches!

Ahhhhh, the fruits of my labor! We went peach picking for the first time yesterday. Mama's got a new canning pot and is armed with some new knowledge, so let's get to it!

Peaches in hand:

Peaches in pot:

Skins and flesh in simple syrup mixture for iced tea later (trust me, it'll be much needed after all this work making peach butter!

Peaches pureed:

And all done!

My goodness that was a lot of work for such a little output! 4 1/2 pounds of peaches yielded 4 pints of peach butter and almost 4 hours worth of work. It's really tasty, though!

Halfway through the cooking down process I googled how long this process should take. Apparently it's much easier to just throw all the peaches in a crockpot over night and can them in the morning! I'll try that next time.

But, here we have it. Nice, pure, simple Peach butter! Nothing but peaches and sugar!

My mom says I should have been a farmer's wife!

Next up: freezing my homegrown 'maters:


  1. You are pretty amazing Beth!

  2. Hi Beth, well done on the peaches! Wow, they are amazing and I bet the taste is delicious. I've just come home from 3 weeks away and now have a serious green tomato and too many cucumber problem (i'll post pictures tomorrow). I'll be making chutney and pickles next, never done it before mind you so I'll be looking out for some pointers and reports on how you got on with your tomatoes.

    xx Ines


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