Friday, February 20, 2009

A Card Today

The other day I got an e-mail from an old friend. She was a fellow soldier medic when I was stationed in California. We're in contact via e-mail every few months. She always looks at my pictures and responds. Well, in her response the other day she tells me she's retiring this year. Wow! She then tells me she's just had a baby! Double WOW! Retirement and baby in the same year!

We spent a lot of time "out in the field" together (read: out in the desert in sweltering heat). Everyone had their favorite staples that they always brought to the field to munch on. Mostly it was Beef Jerky, Pringles, sunflower seeds, and Lunchables. This girl always had jellybeans!

So, in her note she mentioned jellybeans and I thought it'd be perfect to make her a card and send her a little gift.

I plan on getting her a bag of jellybeans and sending this card, which on the inside reads something about munching on jellybeans during those sleepless nights with her new little jellybean.

Kati, I've had that polka-dotted paper since our scrapping days at Recollections!

I also had a little time today to put this scrapbooking page together. Actually, it took no time at all because the lay out was already created. I just slapped the 5X7 photo onto it. I made the layout a couple months ago at a Simply Cropping scrapbooking weekend I attended in the Poconos. A class was given by the Creative Memories ladies and this is what we came out with. I thought it'd be perfect for a Thanksgiving layout, but once I saw this picture from a day I spent with my sister and our kids, I knew it was the one. I know, for sure, I have a bountiful life.

It was a long day. I'm riding solo on the parenting front for a couple of weeks. We don't transition well :-) So, I cooked a big comfort meal....all for myself! It's Shephard's Pie brought to you by my cousin Amy. It was delicious! My kids thought for sure, though, that since we were making Amy's dinner she must be showing up to join us!


  1. That is a lovely page and picture. I am so glad you appreciate your bounty in life and not take it for granted. Good to know you made the Shephard's Pie! it is serious comfort food. Did the girls wear their little aprons?

  2. I love your boutiful page!!!....I have to start scrapping again. I can't seem to find the time and where the heck to buy paper here. Really? Do Germans really not get this scrap thing? Really?

    Arent' you glad you kept that perfect was that! Love it!!!!

    Sorry your alone on the home front!! That always can do it superwoman!


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