Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fibers on Friday: Who's Crazy?

That would be me.

Welcome to Fibers on Friday! this is a party dedicated to knitting and crochet and other fiber loving endeavors (like quilting)!

The quilt is finished. It's beautiful. It's loved! It's painstakingly fussed with by a certain little girl to ensure it's just perfect each morning. gave me a run for my money when I got to the binding. The lady at the quilt shop convinced me I should leave 1/4" of extra fabric around the edge to give a little "bite" to the binding. She likened it to a stuffed crust pizza :-) I agreed....but I did not consider how much the width of my binding would affect this endeavor. So, I kept the width at 2" as called for in my book. Well, this was just too narrow to reach around, grab the extra fabric, and nicely be sewn to the back of the quilt. I fought and fought with it (with my husband's assistance even!) until he finally said,

"Hon, can I ask you to just stop? We'll pull all these stitches out tonight and fix it tomorrow."

I concurred.

So we sat on the couch that night, both armed with seam rippers and an episode of Big Love, and ripped out the whole binding.

The next day, I removed the excess fabric and did it right. It's perfect now!

I'm crazy

Remember my Shalom sweater? Well, I love it, I do. But, I would love it better if it closed more completely in the front (my tummy is not one I'd like hanging out the front of a sweater....and I haven't entered the world of Spanx....yet). So.......I ripped half of it out. Yup. I did. And I plan on knitting it again without the waist shaping and maybe even adding 4 stitches to each side and see how that helps.

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